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Intercultural Exchange and Travel Groups 

Gondomarworkshops Language

Immersion Programs & Homestays 

Homestays, Private Tutoring, Cultural Tours, Summers and

High School Programs in Spain

Homestay and Private Tutoring in a teacher's house             

The possibility of staying in a teacher's house and studying at the same time is a need. In a family house there is a nice atmosphere which gives the students the necessary confidence for using the language. The student can practice speaking with any member of the family while having breakfast, lunch, dinner, or at any time of the day. The family offers single or double rooms. The classes are individual or in groups. The student can choose to study one-to-one. The method used in the class is based on grammar and conversation, and from the first class the student will confront different types of situations using grammar patterns according to their level. The classes will take place in the teacher's house.

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Private tutoring can be one of the biggest advantages. With private language tutoring, you can be rest assured that you are receiving the attention required to do well in school or in your professional life. A private language tutor provides guidance and instruction to you and addresses your specific needs which ensure that you get all the attention required to excel in school or company.

This programme includes Cooking lessons, didactic activites and local excursions.

All ages are welcome!

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Our Educational Creative Learning and Cultural Tours are 100 % practical, and they are focused for those students who want to practice their Spanish thoroughly, and they can apply the grammar they have learned, and at the same time learn part of Spanish culture. The students can either take a short tour around the city or practice the different situations like : Buying in the Market, Making an Appointment , On the Phone, which are listed in the packages page, and they are usually performed outdoors. All of these tours and outdoor practices are made with the teacher's guidance.

Our Summer programs offer students a perfect opportunity to wet their whistles for international travel; spending the summer months in another culture can be an amazing way to explore a region of interest, learn a new language and maybe even earn credits toward college coursework.  

High School Program in Spain.

The participant will live (for a full school year, one semester or one trimester) with a Spanish host family and attend a Spanish high school. This is the most fascinating experience and the best way to achieve Spanish language competences.

Ages: 14 -19

Language programs are all about getting a excellent degree of exposure to a foreign language. Other than intense language training sessions at select schools, students get to live for a time in a foreign-speaking nation and do every activity using the language. Whether it is buying certain items like a souvenir or a meal at some local restaurant, asking for directions or even meeting someone new, using one's knowledge of the language is very crucial.

There are people who sometimes feel reluctant to use their newfound language skills for fear of embarrassment.

In an immersion program, everybody is expected to make mistakes and that good thing is that people in most foreign-speaking countries appreciate the effort and are willing to help. Therefore, learning is not limited to classroom activity as a student can pick up something new outside the classroom.